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          SEN Information Report 2019-20 PDF Download

          Students who have special educational needs are supported wherever necessary to achieve full access to the whole-college curriculum. This is facilitated through a range of access technologies including skilled staff, specialist equipment and resources.

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          Below are brief descriptions of the SEN interventions at either KS3 or KS4.

          Social Skills

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          The students will work in small groups to work on skills to help with verbal and non-verbal communication and this will increase self-awareness and self-esteem. This allows the students to develop confidence to build appropriate relationships with both staff and peers.

          Specialist Support

          Saint George is supported by an emotional health and well-being practitioner from No Limits one day each week. Students can access are referred for a series of one to one sessions by pastoral staff or the school nurse. Students can all access a ‘drop in clinic ‘during lunch time.

          Saint George employs a registered mental health nurse one day each week. Students are referred by pastoral staff and supports early identifications of social emotional and mental health difficulties and with referrals to outside agencies.

          Literacy and Communication

          Catch Up Literacy Reading Programme.


          Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention Programme. 

          Guided Reading.  A successful intervention in which small groups of students, alongside a trained teaching assistant, read a chosen text together.  Taking it in turns to read aloud to support building confidence and analysing the text in verbal dialogue.

          Peer Reading.

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          Specialist support to help pupils to learn outside the traditional classroom, to learn about themselves in an environment that allows them to develop personal and social skills that can then be transferred to the classroom.

          ASD Network

          A specialist programme is tailored to the pupils’ age and interests. The intervention addresses both the pupil’s behaviour and their communication skills and offers regular reinforcement of positive actions.

          Precision Teaching

          Precision Teaching is an intensive method of monitoring the accuracy and speed of a pupil's responses. Strategies are designed to take an existing skill, and increase accuracy and speed in order to develop competence. The goal for the pupil would be to increase his rate of performance.


          We have a Trinity based ELSA (Emotional Support Assistant).
          Mrs Sansom’s role is to support the emotional development of pupils within the school .She works closely with the Southampton Educational Phycologists, and other relevant agencies to ensure the best outcomes to the personal circumstances of our pupils. 

          Breakfast Club

          Before and after school homework club

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          1. Accessibility Plan.pdf

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